Bye-bye 155lbs! After three days of rest (we added an extra due to our conflicting work schedules limiting our time together otherwise), I took out all three 5-reps sets of 155lb squats Like. A. Boss! Yay me!

The weight was light and the reps were fast, but I did make a concession on my grip to accommodate my right shoulder acting up from the frequent switch between rain and dry over the preceding few days. As such, the left lean the bar takes (only the bar, not me physically) was amplified, and I think I’ve confirmed my suspicions about my right shoulder mobility (or lack thereof) being the culprit.

I normally only have the hubby film my sets from behind so I can watch my depth, knees, and heels especially, but for the 3rd set I had him walk around in front of me instead. Part of it was because I wanted to see if my squat face was as ridiculous as my deadlift face (it isn’t… /le sigh), but I was also curious how I look in general from the front when I squat. The combination of the different angle combined with the better lighting having the camera itself our from under our covered porch highlighted my arms and their different positions while I’m gripping the bar.

Here’s the 3rd set video. Pay close attention to how my elbows look in comparison to each other and in relation to my body:

See the difference? The right elbow sticks out and back from my body with a wider angle, whereas the left one tucks in tighter and more forward by comparison. Now, you can plainly see the difference in the video, especially the effect it has on the bar, but >>I<< don’t feel any difference either in the way my arms feel or the effects of the bar leaning to the left so dramatically. Again, my grip was intentionally widened for these sets, and I definitely think the narrower grip I’ve used lately (still too wide, but constantly improving) has reduced the leftward lean a bit as well. It looks far more exaggerated here, but I swear to you I do NOT feel in anyway unbalanced because of it.

At least not yet. I suspect that difference will eventually catch up to me the heavier the bar gets, so I’m going to start trying to make a conscious effort to adjust my right arm as much as I can (well, both arms actually) to correct the imbalance. I’ve tried mostly unsuccessfully simply pulling down on the bar with my right hand a bit more to see if that fixes the bar’s level, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Since I had already committed this entire week to 155lb squats more than half expecting it to take more than just the one session to overcome them (amazing what 3 full days of rest and proper nutrition can do!!), I think I’ll stick with that weight and attempt to find a more lasting solution to the bar positioning problem. I’m also going to research some shoulder exercises like those used for folks post-op from rotator cuff repairs to see if that helps increase the mobility on my right side over time as well.

Anyway, the hubby is home now, so it’s time to rev up for today’s session!

>>(:::) Meg (:::)<<

P.S. I didn’t listen to my gut, and look what I did…

160lb 2×5 squats!!



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