Training Totals+ Equipment Used

I only recently started to do consistent strength training via powerlifting – as in, like, 2 weeks ago – and I really didn’t pay super close attention to the numbers I stacked onto the bar each time. We (as in the hubby and I) have been updating our various equipment over the last month since we’re both lifting regularly now, and here’s what we’ve got thus far:

  • 300lb capacity chrome 45lb Olympic bar x2
  • 1000lb capacity black 45lb Olympic bar
  • 510lbs of Olympic plates + plate tree for storage
  • Homemade squat rack w/ personalized rack height “pegs” (rebuilding soon)
  • Homemade deadlift platform
  • CAP Strength bench
  • Homemade supersized door frame for pull-ups
  • Mixed set of standard sized plates for customizable dumbbells
  • Mixed sets of dumbbells

Anyway, I’m taking a look back at videos and guesstimating weights for each lift as best as possible, but the more recent ones will be accurate at least. My goal here is to track my progress with the ultimate (well, currently ultimate) goal being to double what I started with on June 12, 2016, so that I can compete in my first powerlifting meet January 15, 2017. I figure if I can go from couch to half marathon in roughly 6 months (9/2014 – 3/2015) then surely I can go from non-lifter to novice lifter in a similar time frame.

>(:::) Here goes nuttin’! (:::)<<

A few qualifiers to make this easier to understand…

  1.  All of these are 3 x 5 total sets unless otherwise stated (i.e. 1RM, etc)
  2. Increasing weight by set notated as #>#># where applicable.
  3. Standard weight sets noted; all others with Olympic plates/bar.
  4. S = Squat, B = Bench Press, D = Dead Lift, O = Overhead Press, R = Rows, P = Pendlay Rows, PC = Power Cleans


JUNE 2016

6/12 S 100lb, B 60lb standard

6/14 D 105>125>145lb standard (S/B not recorded)

6/18 S 110lb standard (O/D not recorded)

6/21 S 45lb 1 x 10 + S 85lb 5 x 5, D 90lb <— testing out new Oly set w/o spotter, so lower weights for safety/learning new form

6/22 S 115lb 4 x 5, B 65>75>85, D 135lb

6/24 S 120lb, O 45>60lb, D 135lb, R 45>60lb

6/26 MINI MEET for 1RM: S 125>135>145lb, B 75>80>85lb, D 140>145>150lb

6/28 S 125lb, O 45lb (weight decreased for form correction), P 80lb 1 x 5 + 100lb F (couldn’t get all reps to chest) + 95lb 2 x 5 **I’m extra happy with this day’s work, because I got to unrack the bar myself thanks to the modifications on our rack AND I slowly started inching my hands closer together on the bar. I’ll make a proper powerlifter of me yet! 🙂

6/30 – S 130lb, B 65>75>80lb, D 145lb 2 x 5

     JULY 2016

7/2 S 135lb, O 55lb, R 65>75>80lb

7/4 S 145lb, B 80lb, D 150lb 2 x 5 (second set with a belt, which I didn’t like lol)

7/6 S 150lb, O 55lb, R 80lb

7/8 S 155lb 1 x 5 + a single then failed + 135lb 2 x 5, B 80lb 1 x 5 + 85lb 3 x 5 (with unintentional extra rep sets 2 & 3 because I can’t math), D 160lb 1 x 5 **I could tell the 155lb squat was extra heavy and might be that magic number that says STOP, and I was right. Two days rest then back at it 7/11! (took an extra due to schedule conflicts)

7/12 S 155lb, O 60lb, R 85lb

7/14 S 155lb x 5 + 160lb 2 x 5, B 90lb, D 165lb

7/16 S 165lb, O 65lb, R 90lb

7/20 S 170lb, B 95lb 1 x 5 + a single then fail + 85lb 1 x 10 + 90lb 1 x 9 (intended to drop 5lbs after 95lb fail but hubby took off 10lb – oops! – and then I can’t math and missed a rep lol), D 175lb

7/22 S 175lb, O 65lb, R 95lb (this was a lousy, slow, heavy, HOT workout – it sucked!)

7/24 – S 175lb, B 95lb, D 180lb (MUCH better form/speed on the S/B, did alternating grip for D which threw me off balance a bit)

7/27 – S 180lb, O 70lb x 5 + 65lb x 10, R 100lb (first time in proper weightlifting shoes)

7/30 – S 185lb, B 100lb x 5 + 95lb x 10, D 185lb


8/1 – S 190lb, O 70lb x 8 + 65lb x 7, P 100lb (working up to full 3 x 5 70lb OHP)

8/3 – Heavy Single Squats before vacation: 200>210>220>225lb (two plates!)

8/10 – S 185lb x 10, B 90lb, D 190lb (first workout after vacation so knocked weight back 5-10lbs, temp was 102F & felt too dizzy to complete squats but got new PR on deads after some rest/hydration)

8/13 – S 190lb, O 65lb, R 95lb (left knee popped on 2nd rep of 3rd set of squats, so single+4)

8/15 – low bar S 45×10-95×5-135×5-185×5-195×2, B 95lb, D 200lb

8/20– S 45 x 5-95 x 5-135 x 3-185 x 2-200lb x 4 singles & a dub, O 65lb, PC 45lb x 2

8/22– S 200lb, B 100lb, D 210lb
8/25– Ssssshitty, O 65lb x 5- 70lb x 10, PR 95lb (I just couldn’t get my head in the game, and I pretty much bombed every squat in one way or another. Honestly, I didn’t even bother to write down the few I did get.)

8/28– S 200lb, B 105 x 5-100 x 3-95 x 8, D 220lb


9/4– S 135lb, B 85, D 150lb – 60% deload, 3 full sets

9/7– S 135lb, O 50lb, R 50lb – 60% deload, 2 full sets

•••September 14th I started a new program with a trainer out of Cali, which focuses on building strength for powerlifting, increasing endurance for  running, and fat loss to boot. I can’t share the specific workout details, but so far it’s been a real ass-kicker!!•••